IT and Intellectual Property Law


  • Audits of compliance with the regulations and adaptation projects to the new European Data Protection Regulation.
  • Advisory services for specially affected sectors (financial services, marketing, technology, health, information society services, collection management, etc.).
  • Assistance for the implementation of marketing campaigns (leasing marketing databases, contests and prize draws, email marketing, etc.).
  • Support for carrying out international data transfers (request for authorisations, Privacy Shield Agreement, etc.).
  • Legal assistance in inspections performed by the Spanish Data Protection Agency.
  • Infringement proceedings and
  • Contentious-Administrative appeals.
  • Protection of the right to honour, privacy and self-image on social networks, blogs, forums, etc.


  • Contracts for services: technical assistance, maintenance and support, hosting and housing, outsourcing systems and processes (BPO), Software as a Service, etc.
  • Projects procurement: implementation of systems and integration of technologies, software development contracts, licences for use and transfer of technology.
  • Marketing and business collaboration: distribution, agency and commission on computing products and services, escrow contracts, etc.
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  • Advice for the protection of all kinds of intellectual creations, inventions, patents, know-how, etc.
  • Registries: processing applications and assistance in the preparation of documentation.
  • Monitoring of brands and other assets.
  • Claim and defence for infringement.
  • Conflict involving domain names.


  • Legal advice in website regulatory compliance: GDPR, LSSI, LISI, electronic procurement, consumers, abusive clauses, accessibility, etc.
  • Drafting Terms and Conditions of sale, privacy policy and cookies, return policies, etc.
  • Consumer complaints and infringement proceedings.
  • Support in marketing campaigns and promotions.
Ámbito colectivo
Ámbito colectivo


  • Electronic invoicing projects, digitisation of documents, biometric identity systems, electronic signature, electronic voting, evidentiary reliance and electronic evidence.
  • Terms of use and confidentiality of information within the organisation.
  • Framework policies for procuring the acquisition of technology or technological projects.
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