All the law firms that are a part of ETL GLOBAL are aware of the role companies play within society to build the future we want to leave for the generations to come.

That is why they work side by side in developing and implementing company policies that foster respect for the environment, integration and equality among people.


Equal opportunities:

ETL GLOBAL is governed by a principle which it considers to be crucial: gender has nothing to do with the talent or professional worth of an individual. All its partners promote employing women into their teams through specific integration policies.

Cultural integration:

ETL GLOBAL is aware that cultural diversity is an added value to a company and for society. That is why, it supports business projects that work towards social and cultural integration in the countries where they have presence.


The planet is our home and so it is conceived by ETL GLOBAL. A home that for many years has been subject to multiple negative impacts, the consequences of which we must all work together to minimise through responsible policies that contribute to protect it in the short, medium and long term.

Support for entrepreneurs:

The consultancy service for SMEs and any professional starting up a business is ingrained in ETL GLOBAL’s DNA. To such as extent that it unconditionally believes in their projects and ideas, providing all the support they need and living the day-to-day of these companies as it they were its own.

Foster young talent:

Job instability and lack of opportunities are the reality many young people are forced to live. An unfair situation that ETL GLOBAL considers to be a waste of talent and fights by developing youth recruitment programmes. Actively committed to the future’s professionals.

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