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The ETL Global group

ETL Global is a group of professional legal, tax, auditing and consulting services geared towards small and medium-sized businesses.

Of German origin, with the backing of almost 50 years of experience and faithful to an orderly growth strategy and the search for excellence, in 2014 he began to integrate prestigious firms and professionals in Spain with the aim of occupying, also in our country, the leadership position it already holds in Germany and Central Europe.

Internationally, ETL Global has offices in more than 50 countries.


ETL Global is the international platform for ETL, a German professional services company based in Essen, with more than 45 years of history and a strong focus on small and medium-sized businesses.

To face their growth and expansion plans, every company, regardless of its size, seeks accompaniment and support at an international level. ETL Global offers you complete advice on tax, legal, auditing and consulting matters through its more than 1,300 partner firms present in more than 50 countries.

Local Business. Global Vision.


In the process of expansion in our country, the clear commitment to the proximity and quality of the group’s offices have meant that, in a few years, ETL Global has established itself in the Spanish market, thus helping to strengthen its projection in Europe.

Currently, the ETL Global group has legal, tax, auditing and consulting offices in practically the entire Spanish territory, adding more than a thousand professionals to all of them.

In addition, and thanks to the close collaboration it maintains with its international partners, any office integrated in the ETL Global group can meet the needs of its clients abroad.

The commitment that each of the ETL Global offices maintain with the companies they work with is to always accompany them, providing them with quality services and tailor-made solutions to help them continue to grow.

Each of their clients’ successes is experienced as a success of the entire multidisciplinary team, whose work is based on closeness, honesty, transparency, independence and great dedication to service.


The book we have prepared to celebrate our 10th anniversary in Spain is now available.

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