ETL Global understands the audit as something more than the fulfillment of a legal requirement for the companies and, in this sense, offers a high added value; the closeness and proximity that it maintains with each of its clients, providing them with all the tools and improvement solutions that help them boost their business.

Thanks to our experience and a multidisciplinary and specialized team, all work is planned and developed according to each need, guaranteeing:

• Full involvement of partners
• Transparency and confidentiality
• Professionalism and high qualification

We have extensive experience in advising commercial entities, non-profit organizations, listed investment companies, economic interest groups, unions, mutuals, cooperatives, etc.

Our Audit services

Audit of annual accounts and financial statements

  • Audit of individual and consolidated annual accounts prepared under the General Accounting Plan principles.

  • Audit of financial statements prepared under the IFRS and US GAAP.

Public sector audit

  • Legal compliance audit

  • Performance audit

  • Accounting consistence audit

Public aid and subsidies

  • Audit of aid and subsidies granted by public bodies

Forensic and bankruptcy processes

  • Expert reports
    • Tax offences
    • Loss of profit and damages
    • Responsibility of administrators
    • Blame in insolvency proceedings – Objective lay-offs and ERE (statutory lay-off proceedings)
    • Complex banking products
  • Bankruptcy administration
    • Management in national and international bankruptcy proceedings
    • Bankruptcy mediation
    • Financial restructuring
    • Recovery of credits
    • Responsibility of administrators, board members and directors
    • Feasibility plans
    • Collective bargaining in crisis situations
    • Statutory lay-off proceedings, termination and suspension of contracts.
  • Corporate fraud investigation
    • Accounting research
    • Accounting-financial assistance in litigation
    • Assistance to minority shareholders: examination of accounts

Other services

  • Due diligence

  • Business ratings

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