Increasingly convoluted laws and potential restrictions on normal business activities require ever increasing-levels of specialisation, a multidisciplinary approach and constant attention on which to build long-lasting transparent, long-term relationships of trust with clients.
Given its structure and specialisation in different productive sectors, ETL GLOBAL is able to offer legal advice in the main branches of law from preventive perspective, advising and drafting documents and tender contracts, mediation and arbitration, and legal management in contentious proceedings…

Labour and employment law

Individual scope

  • Advice on employment conditions, changes to working conditions and short time, lay-offs and redundancy or termination of individual contracts of employment.
  • Intervention in labour disciplinary proceedings.
  • Guidance and defence on social security matters.
  • Defence before courts and tribunals in individual matters, claims for rights and amounts, dismissals, resignation and voluntary redundancy, protection of fundamental rights, changes to working conditions, etc.
  • Disputes before with the Labour Court with the Inspectorate of Work and Social Security.

Collective agreements

  • Negotiation of Collective Agreements and company agreements (atypical pacts and non-statutory agreements).
  • Attending negotiation committees for all types of agreements (statutory and statutory agreements) and Interpretation and Administration Committees of collective bargaining agreements.
  • Collective redundancy agreements (suspension, short time, lay-off, modification of work conditions, transfers and mobility)
  • Advice in processes of changes in the organisation of work.
  • Defence before Courts in collective matters: collective conflicts, challenges to collective agreements, etc.
  • Procedures, substantial modifications to collective working conditions, protection of fundamental rights, etc.

Staff Management   

  • Guidance on staff recruitment.
  • Study of the wage structure in accordance with the applicable collective agreement.
  • Preparation of salary slips, contribution reports, company certificates for benefit applications, etc.
  • Advice on Social Security contributions and salary impact on the processing of a ERE..
  • Proceedings before the Labour Inspectorate.
  • Proceedings before the Social Security, Public Service Employment, Labour Inspection and other public agencies.

Occupational Hazard Prevention


  • Legal Advice on Occupational Hazard Prevention
  • Legal interpretations of the situation and preventive analysis of concurrency and relations with subcontractors.
  • Generic proceedings before the Labour Inspectorate
  • Filing of Pleadings, appeals and previous claims through administrative channels.
  • Defence before the courts in matters of occupational hazard prevention before any jurisdiction.
  • Technical-legal reports on Occupational Risk Prevention.
  • Advice and assistance in case of serious occupational accident.

Community and Competition Law

Intervención ante Tribunales Ordinarios, CNMC (Comisión Nacional de la Competencia)Comisión Europea y Tribunal de Justicia de la Unión Europea.

  • Intervención ante Tribunales Ordinarios, Comisión Nacional de la Competencia, Comisión Europea y Tribunal de Justicia de la Unión Europea.
  • Representación y asistencia en Procedimientos de:

-Infracción por Prácticas Colusorias
-Autorización de Concentraciones
-Autoevaluación de Acuerdos.

Asesoría general

  • Redacción, Revisión y/o supervisión de Contratos de:

Abanderamiento y Suministro en Exclusiva.

Agencia y Distribución.

Seguros y Transportes, etc.

  • Asesoramiento a Operadores Petrolíferos Independientes.
  • Asesoramiento a la Pequeña y Mediana Empresa del Sector Energético y Asociaciones Patronales.
  • Resolución de conflictos. Reclamaciones de daños y perjuicios.
  • Fiscalidad de los hidrocarburos:


-Impuestos especiales sobre hidrocarburos


  • Regulación energética autonómica nacional y comunitaria.

Commercial and corporate law

Company law

  • Formation, dissolution and liquidation of all types of companies.
  • Corporate governance Advisory and technical secretariat services for management boards.
  • Negotiation and drafting of shareholders’ agreements and family protocols.
  • Alliances and joint ventures. Sales of assets and companies. Lease and Lease-Back.
  • Administrators’, directors’ and officers’ liability.
  • Challenges to corporate resolutions.
  • Actions concerning the right to separation of partners.
  • Structural changes to mercantile companies.
  • Real Estate Investment Trust in Spain (SOCIMI)

Business agreements

  • Negotiation, drafting and formalisation of all types of business agreements.
  • Audio-visual rights and production agreements.
  • Project financing.
  • Financial banking regulatory framework.
  • Commercial Litigation.

Bankruptcy law and corporate restructuring

  • Mergers, spin-offs and corporate restructuring.
  • Pre-insolvency situations.
  • Bankruptcy administration.
  • Creditors of legal entities and natural persons.

Accounting law

  • Accounting advice in mergers, acquisitions, and corporate restructuring.
  • International Standards on Auditing.
  • Study and analysis of balance sheet and income statement. 
  • Reports on the Economic and Financial Situation.
  • Business groups and financial consolidation.
  • Supervision and control of all transactions carried out by the company in accordance with the Spanish National Chart of Accounts.
  • Closing of Accounts.
  • Presentation of books and deposit of Annual Accounts in the Mercantile Registry.

Banking and insurance law

Advisory and/or legal assistance to banks, offering a comprehensive service at the national level that includes:

  1. Procedures initiated by third parties against the bank.

Legal assistance in judicial proceedings in defence of banks by claims brought by consumers and commercial matters relating to:

Derivative financial instruments:

Preferential shares.

Investment Funds

Structured product

Bank financing products:

Mortgage loans.

Multi-currency loans.

General contractual conditions in mortgage loans.

Abusive clauses.

“Floor clauses”

  1.  Procedures initiated by the Financial Institution against third parties:

Debt recovery and squatters

  1. Other services
  2. Sufficiency of powers
  3. Preliminary documentation preparation

Request for necessary documents

Analysis of documents to determine strategy

Request for unauthorised copies/registry certifications

Debt settlements

Sending and receiving of closures to notaries

Sending and receiving of bureaufaxes

Preparation of the legal report (according to established standards)


  1. Financial rehabilitation of allocated assets.

Registration of ownership

Cancellation of conditions subsequent, town planning, reversionary rights, arrangements with creditors, censuses, purchase options, certifications of ownership and implementation procedures.

Legal report on the registry status and economic activities of estate.

Status, domain, charges and encumbrances and possible existence of debts owed to the co-owner’s association (request for a certificate to be kept current, if appropriate) taxes, etc.

Change of cadastral owner

Pre-signature and signature:

-Contact with client and coordination of the operation for your signature with the different parties involved in the same, that is to say, purchaser, owner, Notary and commercial manager, if the latter is necessary.

-Check and management of reservation, money laundering, customer documentation, etc.

-Application and review of documentation to present on the day of signing by the seller, buyer and bank, if any.

-Customise documents type according to the terms of the sale, special clauses, situation of loads of assets, etc., and subject to the approval of the operation to formalise and review the property documentation; document collation to verify that they conform with that approved and the conditions of the property.

-Processing collection of signature of the relevant authorisation to be able to complete the operation by proxy.

-Attending signature of deed by the supplier on behalf of the owner.

-Requesting and obtaining the keys.

-Notifying the sale to the Co-ownership association.


  • Legal advice and defence of different national and international insurance companies.

Public law

  • Intervention in all types of administrative procedures and contentious administrative in our areas of expertise.
  • Administrative contracts:
    • Preparation of administrative and tender documentation.
    • Recruitment processes.
    • Contract enforcement.
  • Urban planning:
    • Territorial and Urban Planning
    • Management and implementation of plans
    • Building and activities licences
    • Procedures for enforcement and restoring planning conformity
  • Water and irrigation communities.
  • Compulsory purchase:
    • Expropriation procedures.
    • Procedures for fair price.
  • Public Function:
    • Selection processes.
    • Processes for the reorganisation of public services.
    • Disciplinary procedures.
  • Professional associations: specifically, contentious-administrative processes or Public Law.
  • Economic-administrative procedures.
  • Appeals in administrative procedures dealt with in the instance by another legal defence.
  • Intervention in state liability procedures, including those involving state legislators and those deriving from national court judgements and the European Court of Justice.
  • Environment.
  • Land and water pollution, waste disposal and waste management.
  • Renewable energies. Tax regime and remuneration.
  • Protection of natural spaces and the constraints derived from legislation.
  • Administrative procedures for declaration of contaminated soils.
  • Implementation and operation of integrated waste management systems.
  • Procedures for infringement of the regulations on protection of natural resources and the environment.

Family law

  • Divorce, separation, annulment and regulation of parent-child matters, by mutual agreement or in disputes.
  • Marital financial arrangements, liquidation of community property and joint property.
  • Enforcement of judgements: non-payment of child support, maintenance, non-compliance with visitation and holiday arrangements.
  • Modification of measures
  • Common law partnerships.
  • Disagreements in the exercise of parental authority.
  • Advice on economic marriage arrangements.  
  • Requests for modification of capacity, guardianships and follow-up arrangements, etc.
  • Parentage and paternity claims.
  • Proceedings in cases involving minors and adoptions.
  • Maintenance orders between relatives.
  • Legal advice and defence in matters of inheritance: Inheritance planning, inheritance allocation, donations, probate…
  • International aspects of family law.
  • Criminal proceedings in gender and domestic violence.

Criminal law

  • Offences against workers’ rights.
  • Tax offences.
  • Corporate crime.
  • ‘Honour’ crimes.
  • Intellectual property violations.
  • Crimes against property.
  • Financial crimes.
  • Environmental crimes.

New information technologies and intellectual property law

Data protection and privacy:

    • Audits to comply with regulations and bills to adapt to the new European Data Protection Regulation.
    • Advice to specially regulated sectors (financial services, marketing, technology, health, information society services, debt collection management, etc.)
    • Assistance with marketing campaigns (rental of marketing databases, competitions and sweepstakes, email marketing, etc.)
    • Assistance making international data transfers (applications for authorisations, Privacy Shield Agreement, etc).
    • Legal assistance in inspections by the Spanish Data Protection Agency.
    • Contentious sanctioning procedures and appeals.
    • Protection of the right to honour, privacy and image in social networks, blogs, forums, etc.

Technology contracts

    • Service contracts: technical assistance, maintenance, and support, hosting and housing systems and processes, outsourcing (BPO), Software as a Service, etc.
    • Recruitment of projects: systems implementation and integration of technologies, computer development contracts, user licenses and technology transfer.
    • Marketing and business collaboration: distribution, agency and commission of computing products and services, escrow agreements, etc.

Intellectual property

    • Advice protecting all types of intellectual creations, inventions, patents, know-how, etc.
    • Records: processing applications and assistance preparing documentation.
    • Monitoring brands and other assets.
    • Claims and defence of infringements.
    • Conflicting domain names.

Internet and E-Commerce

    • Legal advice complying with web page regulations: LOPD, LSSI, LISI, e-contracts, consumers, abusive clauses, accessibility, etc.
    • Drafting of General Sales Conditions, privacy policy and cookies, returns policies, etc.
    • Consumer complaints and disciplinary procedures.
    • Support in marketing campaigns and promotions.


Legal consultancy

    • E-billing projects, digitization of documents, biometric identity systems, electronic signature, electronic voting, evidentiary trust and electronic evidence.
    • Terms of use and confidentiality of information in the field of the organisation.
    • Framework policy for acquiring technology or technology projects.

Sports law

  • Athletes’ agency agreements
  • Advice on all legal aspects of sports and players agencies
  • Image rights
  • Sponsorship agreements
  • Taxation in sport
  • e-Sports

Pharmaceutical law

  • Defence and representation of the interests of the parties involved in the market in administrative procedures.
  • Advice on buying and selling pharmacies. Study of passive structures and financing. Creditors’ insolvency process.
  • International and national recruitment (distribution, agency…)
  • Advice on goods import and export.
  • Intellectual property.
  • Advice in pharmaceutical marketing and communication.
  • International expansion.

Investments banks and asset managers.

Debt collection.

An integral, bespoke service for natural and legal persons.

  • Friendly management.
  • Preliminary management.
  • Comprehensive judicial management (lawyers and court lawyers).

Asset managment.

  • Recovery of real estate assets, vehicles, etc.
  • Income recovery.

Concultancy and purchase-sale of portfolios.

  • Recovery strategies.
  • Analysis for purchase and sale of portfolios.
  • Team training.
  • Solvency analysis.

Litigation and Arbitration

Legal advice in all kinds of civil and commercial procedures brought before the ordinary and extraordinary jurisdiction (Constitutional Court, Supreme Court, European Court of Justice, etc.) and any area of law: Civil, Commercial, Criminal… (link to each of those practices: Civil, Commercial, Criminal)

In addition, we have extensive experience in both national and international arbitration procedures.

Civil Law

  • Study, negotiation and drafting of all types of civilian contract: sales, leases, easements, etc.
  • Analysis and resolution of all kinds of incidents and conflicts related to obligations of a civil nature.
  • Legal defence in proceedings brought before the ordinary and extraordinary jurisdiction  (Constitutional Court, the European Court of Justice, etc.)
  • Debt collection.

Real Estate

  • Study and analysis of the registry status and encumbrances on estates
  • Contratos de Arras
  • Contratos de Obra Nueva
  • División de Propiedad Horizontal
  • Opciones de Compra
  • Gestión Urbanística, licencias etc. 

Responsabilidad civil

  • Reclamación y Defensa ante los tribunales de los intereses del Cliente ante cualquier hecho del que derive Responsabilidad Civil propia o de terceros (daños y lesiones causadas en accidentes de tráfico, laborales, caídas, imprudencias…)
  • Responsabilidad Patronal o Laboral


  • Negligencias médicas y reclamaciones por Responsabilidad de la Administración.
  • Asesoramiento y Defensa de diversas Aseguradoras de Ámbito Nacional e Internacional. 

Derecho de familia

  • Matrimonio 
  • Regímenes Económicos Matrimoniales
  • Parejas de hecho 
  • Adopción 
  • Relaciones Paterno Filiales
  • Asesoramiento y Defensa en Materia Sucesoria: Partición de la herencia, Donaciones, Juicios Sucesorios…

European Law

  • Spanish and European Competition Law
  • Intervention before Ordinary Courts, National Competition Commission, European Commission and the European Court of Justice.
  • Representation in the European Courts.
  • Community procedures.
  • Foreign investments.
  • International recruitment.
  • Advice in questions of competition in regulated sectors.


These days, not having a Compliance Program is a huge business risk that can lead to serious criminal and economic damage. In contrast, having one is a great opportunity to improve the management of the business and project an image of solvency, reliability and robustness

Compliance programme:

  • Risk analysis
  • Code of Ethics
  • Compliance Body
  • Channel for complaints and research protocol

Additional services

Support tools:  

  • Defence protocol
  • System of delegation of functions
  • Employee training programme
  • Regular reviews of the compliance system

Implementation of specific protocols:

  • Anti-corruption programme
  • TIC Protocol
  • Competition Protocol
  • Penal revision of occupational hazard prevention and environmental plans
  • Due Diligence processes


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