International work experience programme

#ETLChallenge | Explore an exciting opportunity for professional advancement with the new international work experience programme that ETL GLOBAL is making available throughout the workforce.

At ETL GLOBAL, we are committed to all our team members’ professional development and personal skills. We know the importance of international experience and the value of exposure to different cultures and business environments. That is why we have designed this international work experience to give you a unique opportunity to enhance your career and broaden your network of professional contacts.

Spend a week immersed in a dynamic business environment in the Germany, Dubai, France, The Netherlands, Ireland, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Czech Republic and the United Kingdom. Work alongside local professionals in an international team, learning from their unique knowledge and skills. Participate in challenging projects and collaborate in international teams, obtaining a global perspective and developing new skills.


ETL GLOBAL Opening the door to the international future of your career.

We know that international travel and accommodation can be expensive. That’s why we will cover all your expenses during your stay. We cover the cost of flights, accommodation, and food and help with your accommodation arrangements to allow you to focus fully on this experience and enjoy everything the Germany, Dubai, France, The Netherlands, Ireland, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Czech Republic and the United Kingdom offer.

The only prerequisite for participating in our international work experience programme is being a member of the ETL GLOBAL group. Our programme is open to team members in all business areas, such as accounting, legal, finance, auditing and consultancy.

Are you ready to take the next step in your career? Take advantage of this opportunity to acquire international experience and broaden your horizons! Contact our human resources team for more information about how to register for our international work experience programme. Together, we’ll make your dream of experiencing a different professional experience, come true.


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This action is promoted and subsidised by the SOC, and 100% financed by the European Social Fund as part of the
European Union's response to the COVID-19 pandemic
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