Accounts management

ETL GLOBAL offers financial accounting outsourcing services to support companies in meeting accounting obligations, reducing operating costs to the max.

These services can be provided both in your offices and in our facilities.

  • Tax-accounting advice to companies and private individuals
  • Forensic and financial accounting
  • Drawing up financial accounts
  • Back Office
  • Treasury management
  • Audit assistance
  • Financial statements
  • Bookkeeping.
  • Form 720

Tax management

Our experts offer comprehensive advice on tax liability. Whatever your sector’s specific needs, we will assign an expert advisor to assist you with current tax expertise and up-to-date information and optimise your company’s tax burden.

We prepare your tax returns, manage settlement procedures, check tax returns, and inform you of when you must make your tax payments according to the fiscal calendar.

In the case of tax inspections, we have professionals who can represent you in all procedures with the tax authorities.


  • Complete and submit monthly, quarterly, and annual tax statements
  1. VAT
  2. WithholdingIncome tax (IRPF)
  3.  Informative declarations
  4. Intra-Community operations
  5.  Immediate provision of information
  • Corporate tax
  • Special taxes
  • Property Tax
  • Related-party transactions
  • Census registrations, cancellations and modifications
  • Review and manage electronic notifications
  • Advice and intermediation in tax inspections
  • Process year-end tax closes
  • Information on changes in current tax regulations and recurring advice

Personnel and payroll management

Payroll management and other personnel matters require the dedication of numerous company resources in the growth or expansion phase.

At ETL GLOBAL, we have outsourcing teams that can manage this activity, helping to reduce the costs of each process.


  • Payroll management

  • Preparation and presentation of official social security forms
  • Work incident management (joiners, IT leavers, holidays)
  • Termination and layout management
  • Drafting and adaptation of employment contracts
  • Management of social benefits and other compensation
  • Application of collective agreements
  • Compensation systems (flexible, variable, etc.).
  • Calculating compensation


Our grant application advice and assistance services are aimed at companies, self-employed workers and individuals who need specific advice on the availability of grants and subsidies and support when making the application.

At ETL GLOBAL, we have professionals who provide the information our clients need about aid programmes and subsidies that may be of interest, managing the entire grant application procedure.

  • Selection of subsidies and grants by the branch of activity and the client’s specific interest.
  • Preparation of customised reports containing the requirements, submission deadlines, regulations and documentation required to apply for the grant.
  • Processing applications and arrangements with Public Administrations.
  • Track the status of grants and subsidies until they are obtained.


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