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The business world is in a state of continuous change, making it necessary to establish strategies for continuous adaptation to drive development in each business and improve competitiveness.

Our small and medium-sized business consultancy area at ETL GLOBAL is ready to assist companies with strategic plans that help to manage risks and seize opportunities to achieve their aims.

Our Consultancy services

Digital Strategy

Risk management

Brand and Patent Protection

    • Inventions
    • Utility models
    • Surveillance

Debt collection service

Debt collection

    • Friendly procedure.
    • Preliminary management.
    • Judicial management.

Asset management

    • Property and vehicle repossessions, etc.
    • Administrative, registry, tax, contract management, etc.
    • Leases and rent collection.

Consultancy and portfolio trading

    • Recovery strategies.
    • Analysis for portfolio trading.
    • Team training.

Insurance (brokerage)

IT Services

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