Family Law
  • Processing of divorce, separation, annulment and regulation of parent-child effects procedures, both by mutual agreement and contentious.

  • Marital economic regimes, division of matrimonial joint assets and liquidation of jointly-held assets.

  • Enforcement of judgements: non-compliance with the measures established such as non-payment of alimony, maintenance allowance, breach of the regime of communications and stays, etc.

  • Amending measures

  • Common-law relationships.

  • Disagreements in the exercise of parental authority.

  • Advice on marital economic regimes and pre-nuptial agreements.
  • Requests for modification of capacity, guardianships and follow-up of the same, etc.
  • Parentage and paternity claims.
  • Proceedings in cases involving minors and adoptions.
  • Maintenance orders between relatives.
  • Legal advice and defence in matters of inheritance: Inheritance planning, estate distribution, donations, probate proceedings…
  • International aspects of family law.
  • Criminal proceedings of gender-based violence and domestic violence.
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