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Our chartered accountants in Spain provide auditing services to national and international companies, drafting audit reports and complying with the legal requirements applicable to companies with a specific turnover. ETL Global auditors are different. We look upon an accounts audit as something more than a legal requirement that companies are required to fulfil. That is why we offer high-value-added services to companies and we have achieved such a prominent position in the Spanish business sector. The documents we submit with our reports contain recommendations for addressing any weaknesses detected in companies’ internal control systems.
The team of professionals at ETL Global specialises in the accounts auditing area, since we are auditors. As well as preparing audit reports we also review our clients’ internal control systems, and follow them up over subsequent financial years.


Audit services

  • Individual Financial Statements
  • Consolidated Financial Statements
  • Audit of Interim Financial Statements
  • Limited Reviews
  • Reviews of Accounts Justifying Grants
  • Agreed-Upon procedures review
  • Performance Audit
  • Due Diligence
  • Special reports on capital increases
  • Special reports on capital reduction
  • Reports
  • Special reports on Capital increases charged against receivables
  • Expert reports
  • Expert evidence in court proceedings.
  • Reviews and checks of specific facts
  • Collaboration with expert accountancy services


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Tax Consultancy

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