Corporate and Commercial Law


  • Constitution, dissolution and liquidation of all kinds of companies.
  • Corporate governance. Advice and secretariat of governing bodies.
  • Negotiation and drafting of covenants for shareholders or business partners and family protocols.
  • Alliances and Joint Ventures. Sale and purchase of companies, firms and assets. Lease and Lease-Back.
  • Responsibility of administrators, board members and directors.
  • Challenging corporate resolutions.
  • Actions aimed at covering the right to separation of shareholders.
  • Structural modifications of commercial companies.
  • Listed investment companies in the real estate market (SOCIMI).


  • Negotiating, drafting and formalising all kinds of commercial contracts.
  • Audiovisual rights and production contracts.
  • Financing of projects.
  • Financial banking regulatory framework.
  • Commercial litigation.
Ámbito colectivo


  • Mergers, spin-offs and corporate restructuring.

  • Pre-bankruptcy situations.

  • Bankruptcy administration.

  • Bankruptcy proceedings for individuals and legal entities.


  • Accounting advice in the merger, acquisition and reorganisation of companies.
  • International Audit Standards of Financial Information.
  • Study and analysis of balance sheet and profit and loss accounts.
  • Reports on the economic and financial situation.
  • Corporate Groups and Financial Consolidation.
  • Supervision and control of all transactions carried out by the company in accordance with the General Accounting Plan.
  • Accounting close.
  • Presentation of Accounting books and deposit of annual accounts at the Mercantile Registry.

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