ETL Global LINKS: CIT – Deadline for submitting the Corporate Income Tax Return for year 2019

Yesterday the Spanish Gazette (BOE) published Royal Decree-Law 19/2020, which states different measures to alleviate the effects of COVID-19. Among them, this regulation includes a tax measure, which refers to the deadline for submitting the Corporate Income Tax Return for year 2019.

Although the legal term for filing the CIT return (which is the period comprised between 1 and 27 July for companies with fiscal period ending on 31 December) is not extended, companies that cannot approve the financial statements before the end of this term are authorised to submit the return with the figures stated in the provisional financial statements available on that date.

In this case, if once the definitive financial statements are subsequently approved, the CIT return is different to the one initially submitted, a new CIT return is to be submitted. The deadline for this new filing obligation is 30 November, 2019.

In addition, if this new CIT return results in a higher tax to be paid or a lower refund than the amount initially claimed, the new CIT return will be considered as a supplementary return and late-payment interest (but no surcharge) will have to be paid on the additional tax liability.

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