Labour law and employment


Advice on employment conditions, changes in working conditions and suspension, reduction of working hours or individual termination of employment contracts.

  • Intervention in disciplinary proceedings affecting workers.
  • Guidance and defence in Social Security matters.
  • Defence in court regarding individual matters: claims of rights and quantity, lay-offs, voluntary extinction of the employment relationship, protection of fundamental rights, changes in working conditions, etc.
  • Proceedings before the social jurisdiction relating to disputes with the Labour and Social Security Inspectorate.


  • Negotiation of collective bargaining agreements and company agreements (atypical or extra-statutory pacts).
  • Assistance at negotiating committees for all kinds of pacts (statutory or extra-statutory) and for the committees on interpretation and administration of pacts and collective agreements.
  • Statutory lay-off proceedings of a collective nature (suspension, reduction of working hours, termination, changes in working conditions, transfers and displacements).
  • Advice on changes in work organisation.
  • Defence in court for collective matters: collective disputes, challenges to collective agreements, etc.
  • Procedures, substantial modifications of the working conditions of a collective, protection of fundamental rights, etc.
Ámbito colectivo


  • Guidance on hiring staff.
  • Study of the wage structure under the applicable collective agreement.
  • Preparation of salary slips, contribution slips, company certificates for applying for benefits, etc.
  • Advisory services in the field of Social Security contributions and wage effects in the processing of an ERE (lay-off scheme).
  • Proceedings before the Labour Inspectorate.
  • Proceedings before the Social Security, Public Employment Service, Labour Inspectorate and other public agencies.


  • Legal advice in Occupational Hazard Prevention.
  • Legal interpretations on preventive business situation and concurrency analysis and of relations with subcontractors.
  • General and specific proceedings before the Labour Inspectorate.
  • Filing allegation statements, appeals and previous claims through administrative channels.
  • Defence in court on Occupational Hazard Prevention matters and in any jurisdiction.
  • Drafting technical and legal reports on
  • Occupational Risk Prevention.
    Advisory and assistance services in the event of a serious labour claim.

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