Civil Law


  • Study, negotiation and drafting of all kinds of civil documents. purchases and sales, leases, usufruct, easements, etc.
  • Study and resolution of all kinds of claims and conflicts related to obligations of a civil nature.
  • Legal defence in proceedings brought before ordinary and extraordinary jurisdiction (Constitutional Court, EU Court of Justice, etc.).
  • Debt recovery.


  • Study and analysis of the registry situation and charged pending on properties.
  • Engagement contracts
  • New construction contracts
  • Horizontal Property Division
  • Purchase options
  • Urban management, licences, etc.
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  • Claim and defence of the client’s interest in court for any event deriving in the client’s Civil Liability or that of third parties (damages and injuries caused in traffic accidents, accidents at work, falls, negligence…).
  • Employer’s or Labour Liability


  • Medical malpractice and claims for management responsibility.
  • Advisory and defence services of various insurance companies operating at national and international levels.
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Ámbito colectivo


  • Marriage
  • Marital economic regimes
  • Civil partners
  • Adoption
  • Parent-child relationships
  • Legal advice and defence in matters of inheritance: Estate distribution, donations, probate proceedings…

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