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ETL Global advises on the full range of tax matters, while offering many additional services and strategies, providing clients with a solid base for developing the maximum potential of their national and international businesses.
Whether you are setting up a new business, turning an existing business around or want to achieve certain short-, medium- or long-term objectives, our team is ready to guide you through each step of the process to achieve the best results and optimise the tax burden inherent to any operation or process.
Our employees oversee all your tax matters: from personalised responses to questions, to issuing opinions and schedules; from drafting statements and dealing with requests, to assistance with checks and inspections, filing administrative appeals and defending our clients in court. We also take care of all types of tax matters (corporate tax, VAT, income tax, property, special taxes and customs…), for all types of companies and businesses, with special expertise in family business tax management.


Permanent advice, commitment to constant service and design and configuration of new projects and investments.


  • Regular information about changes to tax regulations
  • Personal and Corporate Income tax
  • Other direct and local taxes
  • Indirect taxes (VAT, Property Transfer Tax and AJD…)
  • Special taxes
  • Preparing tax returns-statements for all taxes
  • Accounting supervision and preparation
  • Tax consolidation
  • Family businesses
  • Inheritance planning
  • Non-residents in Spain
  • International tax planning
  • Transfer Prices. Documenting related party transactions.
  • Foral tax regulations
  • Canaries tax scheme
  • Compliance with accounting-corporate obligations
  • Tax audit and investigation and sounding out company sales and acquisitions.


  • Management procedures
  • Dealing with demands and additional statements
  • Inspection. Assistance and representation
  • Administrative appeals and claims
  • Contentious tax matters in all courts

Family businesses

  • Succession management
  • Statutory and testamentary modifications
  • Family protocol
  • Family office: asset management and family matters

Accounting and administrative management

  • Company domiciliataire service
  • Bookkeeping and compliance with tax requirements
  • Accountancy-administrative advice


Legal Advice

Tax Consultancy

Employment Matters



Digital Marketing