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Your interests, our responsability.

We are fully aware of our duties and social responsibility to our surroundings, working day after day to build a responsible brand which adds value to society.

This is behind our active commitment to the social, economic and environmental development of our surroundings, which we show through adherence to employment policies and our efforts to build a fairer society for all.

ETL Global is active in the following areas of corporate social responsibility:

Equal employment opportunities:

The integration of women in the job market is one of the greatest achievements of today’s society. However, some sectors still have patently prejudicial recruitment policies, where companies are reluctant to hire female workers and there are fewer job opportunities for women. ETL Global is against this practice which holds back society and the job sector. Our company values competent professionals regardless of gender and supports equal opportunities in this field through specific integration policies, forming an excellent workforce which is assessed for worth and not for gender.

Cultural integration:

As an international brand present in numerous countries, ETL global knows the value of cultural diversity. Our international workforce gives our firm a broader vision and understanding of the companies we serve, which has a positive impact on the work we do. ETL Global knows the importance of supporting business projects that encourage social and cultural integration of individuals and will continue to recruit new staff whose value is never subordinate to cultural differences.


Modern industry has succeeded in improving our lifestyles, however, the planet has also been damaged by misconduct in many sectors. ETL Global knows the survival of our planet depends upon people and companies coming together to protect the environment. We support this cause by applying environmentally responsible policies to protect our world today, tomorrow and in the more distant future.

Support for entrepreneurs:

ETL has always focused on offering services to a wide range of different companies. We are interested in far more than large, established companies with enormous turnovers. We also want to support new projects and ideas. A mission provide services and consultancy for small and medium-size companies is one of the hallmarks of our firm. We are passionate about your success and want to help you to achieve your goals.

Support for young talent

ETL Global knows how important it is to give young people, society’s great hope for the future, their first start in the job market. However, this sector of the population is now in an extremely precarious situation, which is why we are committed to helping to solve this social problem. We do this by hiring young people and offering job opportunities to new, talented professionals.