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Legal requirements are increasingly complex, to the extent that they can hinder normal business activity. Understanding the situation requires a high level of specialisation and a multidisciplinary approach that needs constant and permanent attention. ETL Global aims to offer you all possible solutions so that your company can do business safely, by working closely with you and becoming involved in your projects. Unlike the position taken by other law firms, we look upon ourselves as stakeholders and your committed, close advisers. This way of working means that we are ready to help you to find new opportunities and to devise different business and operating structures that comply with the current law, adapting them to legislative changes as they occur.

In short, we offer multidisciplinary, specialised advice in major areas of law (corporate, legal, corporate restructuring, competition and European law, civil, probate, and criminal) with knowledge of different productive sectors. We do all this from the perspective of preventive counselling and advice, from drafting documents and mandatory contracts to offering support and legal counsel in mediation, arbitration and litigation; seeking to form transparent, long-lasting relationships of mutual trust.


Planning, availability and swift, appropriate response.


  • Regular information about legislative development
  • Corporate resolutions and registration
  • Non Director Secretary. Corporate lawyer. Official accounting records
  • Powers of attorney
  • Forming companies and amendments to the Articles of Association
  • Mergers, demergers and non-cash contributions
  • Company sales and acquisitions and general business advice
  • Advice and contractual reviews
  • Legal audit and due diligence
  • Real estate, co-ownership and leases
  • Public liability
  • All aspects of creditor’s agreements.
  • Demands for payment and debt collection.

Legal-corporate restructuring.

  • Mergers, demergers, securities swaps and non-cash contributions
  • Application of special tax scheme
  • Implications in the labour area
  • Accounting and equity analysis
  • Reduction of tax impact of Partners
  • Protection of personal equity with respect to business riskmpresarial

Procedural Law

  • Court representation and defence. Advice in transactions
  • Debt collection. Advice for efficient preventive action. Out-of-court procedures, formalising agreements and setting up guarantees. Instigating legal procedures
  • Bankruptcy law. Filing for bankruptcy. Defending creditor interests
  • Arbitration

Criminal Law

  • Audits and checks
  • Prevention and control systems
  • Resolution of queries
  • Defence counsel

Family and inheritance law

  • Analysis and drafting of settlements
  • Pre-nuptial agreements
  • Separation and divorce
  • Drafting wills. Inheritance planning
  • Inheritance and legacies
  • Representation and defence before the courts

Personal data Protection

  • Legalising files
  • Security measures and documents
  • Standard clauses in documents


Legal Advice

Tax Consultancy

Employment Matters



Digital Marketing