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Employment law is an important field with a significant impact on companies, families and individuals. The area that is constantly evolving and changing, due to the so-called “labour reforms”, or annual legislative changes. Given its importance, we segment, without disconnecting, our labour-based activities from our general legal practice.
Our services range from personnel management (recruitment, salary slips, quotes, social security payments, recruitment/dismissal and contingencies) to expert legal advice on the intricacies of the employment contract (determining work conditions at the start of the employment relationship, modification and novation), as well as providing advice, support and assistance when severing the relationship. We also offer specialised assistance, such as legal protection and management of collective bargaining processes (company, sub-sector and sector), and in the collective transfer processes, substantial modification of working conditions, suspension and termination of labour relations and exemption from collective agreements. We offer legal assistance in all kinds of administrative and judicial proceedings, whether of an individual (redundancies, claims of rights and quantity, protection of fundamental rights, etc.), or a collective nature (collective disputes, challenge of collective agreements and so on) in all instances, both ordinary and extraordinary (including Constitutional Court and the European Court of Human Rights).


Direct, personal contact with customers and total availability.


  • General hiring and senior management recruitment.
  • Assistance with Ministry of Labour and Social Security inspections
  • Collective agreements.
  • Dismissals and redundancy.
  • Court proceedings.
  • Labour audits.

Payroll management

  • Telephone consultancy and advice and labour information, sending circulars about general information.Payroll and updating publication of Collective
  • Agreement.Preparing Social Security (TC1-TC2) forms.
  • Preparing IRPF income tax withholding documents. 
  • End-of-contract notifications and business certificates. 
  • Annual income and tax statement summaries for employees. 
  • Preparing and processing Social Security passbooks. 
  • Sick leave management with official bodies. 
  • Formalities adding and removing workers for the company with the General Treasury of the Social Security. 
  • Occupational accident or illness formalities. 
  • Work calendar preparation. 
  • Severance pay formalities. 
  • Unemployment certificates. 
  • Affiliation, registration with Self Employed Tax Scheme. 
  • Notification of opening of place of business. 
  • Obtaining certificate of currency with Social Security obligations.


Legal Advice

Tax Consultancy

Employment Matters



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