Community Law


Intervention at ordinary courts, CNMC (National Competition Commission), European Commission and Court of Justice of the European Union.

Representation and assistance in procedures involving:

  • Infringement for collusive practices.
  • Authorisation for Consolidation.
  • Informing.
  • Self-assessment of agreements.
  • Claims for infringements of the competition.


  • Drafting, review and/or supervision of Contract:
    • Flagging and exclusive supply agreements.
    • Agency and Distribution.
    • Insurance and transport, etc.
    • Advice to Independent Petroleum Operators.
    • Advice to Small and Medium-sized enterprises in the Energy Sector and Employers’ Associations.
    • Settling disputes. Claims for damages and losses.
  • Taxation of mineral oils:
    • VAT
    • Special taxes mineral oils
    • IVMDH
    • Regional, national and community energy regulation.
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